More Than 67,000 Expats, and Counting, Are Jobless in Saudi Arabia

In a startling statistic the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) has revealed that the number of jobless expatriates have increased in the kingdom to 66, 267 in the second quarter of the current year. During the last quarter unemployment was recorded at 53, 084.

About 9.3 percent of the total unemployed are expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Out of 66, 267, count of unemployed men is 45, 562 and the remaining (20, 705) are women.

What’s all the more unsettling the year on year rise in unemployment. The numbers have shot up from 775, 994 first quarters to 802, 588 in the second.

Rise in unemployed expatriates has been according to the prediction made by the Saudi government.

It is slated to rise further and eventually decline as the system of Saudization takes it course and unfolds across the nation in its entirety.

Source: Arab News

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