59 Items That Are Prohibited From Bringing to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom is quite strict and has serious laws that any foreigner should be aware of. There are quite a number of items that are banned products in Saudi Arabia and you should not bring them into the Kingdom, because you will face severe penalties.

When you land in the country, you will go through the necessary procedures at the airport before gaining full entry. You will start with a thorough inspection at the international terminal and then present your visa to authorities. If this is your first time in Saudi Arabia, you will have to undergo the process of fingerprinting.

Your luggage will be placed on the X-Ray machine for inspection and if there is anything suspicious, a manual inspection may be prompted. The search is to ensure that your luggage does not have any prohibited items. Once the luggage has been inspected and you have been cleared, you can then head to the exit gate.

It is worth noting that items that are meant for other religious worship, besides Islam will not be (generally) permitted. Pork and items that contain alcohol will also not be allowed into the country. In the event of carrying drugs and other narcotics, you risk being beheaded as the penalty for having such items in your possessions. If you want to enjoy your stay in Saudi, you need to adhere to all the rules that are stipulated.

While this list has tried to capture most of the items that should not be brought to Saudi Arabia, you may need to confirm about any products that you are not sure of from the website provided below. You can manually go through the entire list by entering the HS code to search for a specific item in the following manner:

  • Go to this Website address: http://www.customs.gov.sa/sites/sc/en/SCTariffs/Pages/Pages/SearchTariffsPage%20.aspx
  • Key in the name of the product or the HS Code in the relevant field and search. If the product is not allowed in the Kingdom, you will get this result, “Banned!” This will be shown as follows: Banned products may be exceptionally imported with a special authorization from the relevant authority in Saudi Arabia.

Below are the 59 items that are prohibited from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

1. Kuwait and Iraq war leftover equipment and machinery

2.Alerting apparatus (such as bells, sirens, burglar or fire alarms…) releasing sounds of police car sirens or of some animals

3.Industrial waste and hazardous refuse

4.Asbestos and products thereof

5.Drink having description of Zamzam (Zamzam is a holy well located in Saudi Arabia)

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