Guide to the 2017 UAE Public Holidays

Happy New Year! The New Year is here and if you are in the UAE and want to start planning for long holidays and vacation, you need to note the various public holidays in 2017. Most of the holidays in 2017 fall on weekends, making it the perfect opportunity to take long vacations on weekends.

If you are a resident in the UAE, you may start planning for the long weekends as early as you can. However, you need to note that the dates may change since there are some holidays that are dependent on sighting of the moon. We will keep updating the list with the confirmed dates and any changes. You can use the list below to plan for the long weekends.

UAE 2017 Holidays

  • Sunday, 1 January – New Year
  • Monday, 24 April – Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj – Ascension Day
  • Thursday, 25 May — Ramadan to commence*
  • Sunday, 25 June – Eid Al Fitr*
  • Thursday, 31 August — Arafat (Haj) Day*
  • Friday 1 September — Ed Al’Adha — Feast of Sacrifice
  • Thursday, 21 September — Al Hijri — Islamic New Year*
  • Thursday, 30 November —Commemoration Day
  • Thursday, 30 November —Milad Un Nabi —Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)*
  • Saturday, 2 December—UAE National Day

Please take note the holidays with an asterisk (*) may change as they are dependent on the sighting of the moon.