10-Year Jail, Dh2m Fine for Employers Who Discriminate

A whopping Dh 2 million will be the fine on UAE employers who discriminate in their hiring process. As per the anti-discriminatory law enacted in 2015, discrimination on any grounds will lead to jail anywhere between 5 months and up to 10 years. Fines starts at Dh 5,000 and is capped at Dh 2 million.

A senior associate from UK law firm based in Dubai discussed a case wherein his client has faced discrimination. The lady who sought redressal said she had applied for a temporary position for promotional jobs. Despite her competency she was refused because she wore a headscarf.

Article 17 clearly establishes the employers be warned before engaging in any discriminatory practices. It mandates drawing up policies and systems for curbing any act of racism or discrimination. Another instance was reported where a Pakistani Lady earned way lesser than her counter-parts who were from Europe or Russia.

Not only the victims, but the employees who received unfair advantage also spoke about the rampant discrimination prevalent in the advertising industry. Yasmin Di Mario, an Italian passport holder, said she had experienced the inequality and pay gaps due to racial backgrounds. She was awarded a higher pay compared to her peers who worked in identical roles.

Recognizing the rise in the number of complains, ministry has decided to penalize the perpetrators.

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